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  1. Conner Hunt

    Gaia 50% off

    If you’ve been wanting to try Gaia out, they’re offering 50% off right now from their yearly subscription.
  2. Conner Hunt

    A concept log

    Hey there. I wanted to start a thread dedicated to logging different concepts (go figure) relating to Overlanding. Technology, design, engineering, whatever it falls under, it’ll be logged here, big or small, simple or complex. No discrimination here. It’ll be cool to hear feedback along with...
  3. Conner Hunt

    New truck

    Delivered to the dealership last night, signed and drove off with it today. It’s impressive to say the least.
  4. Conner Hunt

    D Ring Shackles for Silverado?

    Anybody of the Silverado Squad running D Ring Shackles on the front of their rig? How’d you do it if you did? I want to get some for my 2010, the only aftermarket option I’ve seen is this ”Tow Hook to Shackle Conversion Kit” from Rough Country. These look a little questionable, but I’m glad to...
  5. Conner Hunt

    2022 Silverado ZR2?

    Looks like Chevy is going to be releasing a ZR2 version of the Silverado for the 2022 year. Do you think it’ll have a solid place in overlanding /will you be getting one? I’m personally not sure how to feel about this yet. But once/if it gets officially announced today, I’ll update this with...
  6. Conner Hunt

    Got my Ambassador Coin

    This just came in the mail today. This is seriously so cool, and hands down the highlight of my week. It means a lot, truly, and I can’t wait to be able to pass it on to someone else and continue on the tradition. It’ll be taking up a permanent residence in the overland truck until that day...
  7. Conner Hunt

    Where to mount winch

    So I’m still new to the process of building overland vehicles, (I come from the Prerunner/Desert Racing community we don’t use winches hahaha) so I have a couple questions for a winch. What’s the mounting process for one? Can I just fabricate a location behind my bumper (pictured below) and...
  8. Conner Hunt

    Roof Rack for Extended Cab Silverado?

    I’ve been looking all over the place for a roof rack that’ll fit onto my 2010 Silverado extended cab, and I can’t find any besides the Smittybilt which is just…not going to happen. Does anybody know of any company that makes a quality rack for this truck? Any help would be appreciated...
  9. Conner Hunt

    El Camino Del Diablo (Arizona)

    Me and 3 (so far) of my buddies will be doing the El Camino Del Diablo trail sometime towards the end of December/January most likely during a weekend if anyone wants to come. I'll be posting updates here as we sort things out and get some more planning done. Starting Point: South of the...
  10. Conner Hunt

    ·:†(2010 Silverado 1500)†:·

    Here I'll be documenting the build and adventures of my 2010 GMT900. Here is some backstory on the truck to get you about up to date. -It started it’s life off as a farm truck in Yuma AZ, where it got the first 100k miles from the first two years. -Bought the truck off the farm in 2013...