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    Advice needed, family sized RTT

    So, wife and I made an oppsie baby a couple of years back and we have out grown our alu cab expo 3. So we have two little ones, she’s relatively normal sized, but I’m 6’4” and range between 250-270 pounds depending on the time of year. The rig is an 80 series land cruiser, rolling on 35’s...
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    M116A3 1800.00

    Where is this located, and what’s the title situation?
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    Virginia OLB Members

    Heeeeeelllllooooooooooo? Anyone out there? Hampton roads Va here. Pic for attention
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    SOLD YAESU FTM-400XDR - $400

    On my phone app, it just has …. After the item description. But thank you!
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    SOLD YAESU FTM-400XDR - $400

    It’s been over a year, still looking to sell?
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    New Red Arc BCDC1225D

    What was the original purchase date and dealer? I’m trying to gauge remaining warranty
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    For Sale: New Tuff Stuff Alpha/ annex

    Got any pictures? What type are you looking for?
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    SOLD For Sale: Smittybilt Overlander XL (New England) SOLD

    Still looking to part with the tent? Can you add pictures of the damaged cover. My family has outgrown my hard shell, and I’m not going to have a trailer ready before my vacation, so I’m looking for something like this.
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    Passed my Tech exam, now I need a ham

    Got my email notification yesterday. I’m official. I’m thinking of a mid level 2m HT, then going for a full feature DMR for the rig. Anything I should avoid? The HT would see more use as I’d likely carry it in the work car (first responder in a rural area). Ben KO4PKV
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    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

    Just passed my technician exam over the weekend. Looking at radios and antennas for the rig, and a HT I may keep in my work vehicle as a first responder.
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    Passed my Tech exam, now I need a ham

    @ChadHahn This rig has to have the roof rack pulled and tires deflated to make it into the garage. She’s an outside rig. Now every now and then I’ve got to find a way to make it into a parking garage, but that’s a once a year endeavor.
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    Passed my Tech exam, now I need a ham

    Thank you! I was looking for one on the APP, but didn’t see it :/
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    Passed my Tech exam, now I need a ham

    The racks aluminum, how much of a difference does that make? Also, I’ve got a aluminum RTT up there too.
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    Passed my Tech exam, now I need a ham

    After several weeks of nothing but HAM test prep, I passed my technician test, and now I’m looking for a radio and antenna for my land cruiser. I’ve toyed around the CB’s and found my reception to be terrible, as I didn’t understand the antenna placement. That said, I anticipate a downside to...
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    Eastern VA Monthly Meetup

    I see after years of slow app problems, OB has fixed them. Do people still meet up? I’m not one to let a little corona virus stop my life dead in its tracks. If it takes me, it takes me. I’ll add it to my other “high risk” activities. Anyone game for a September meet?
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    Eastern VA Monthly Meetup

    Good eats, reasonable prices, big parking lot; I’m thinking Mission BBQ in Newport News. It’s about an hour from Va Beach and Richmond. Not sure where everyone is located Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
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    Eastern VA Monthly Meetup

    I could do an evening meet and greet, but will be at work from 7-5. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
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    Eastern VA Monthly Meetup

    I’d be down to meet y’all. I’m off every other weekend. But I’m working the 30th Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
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    Eastern VA Monthly Meetup

    Does this group still meet monthly? I’m looking to meet some new faces and get rolling on another year of adventuring. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
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    Land cruiser people!

    93-94 have the benefits of OBD1, no airbags, but some rear axles are semi float instead of full float. The semi floats have drums and the full float have 4 wheel disk brakes. The OBD1 makes it easier to remove EGR system and some other less effective emissions systems. When you replace your...