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  1. Western

    2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT Overland Build

    Got my Quick Release Awning Bracket on my Prinsu Rack, and I’ve gotta say it is not as easy as I was thinking it was going to be! Nevertheless, it’s on! Next project is to get my ROAM Adventure 83L Box bolted onto the RACK, and add some lights to the rig! Next major mods will be a custom...
  2. Western

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Installed the Prinsu Quick Release Awning Mounts on my Prinsu Rack. Not as easy as I thought it was gonna be, and still making some minor adjustments to eliminate rattle , but it’s on!
  3. Western

    2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT Overland Build

    At long last, my Prinsu Rack is on! Thanks to Allpro Subaru in Atlanta for doing a stellar install, despite a pesky A pillar that decided it didn’t want to stay put once it had been uninstalled once
  4. Western

    2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT Overland Build

    I absolutely love them! Great lift
  5. Western

    Hello from Homewood, AL!

    Awesome! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions! I am a Subaru service advisor in GA and on my 7th Subaru. Also, If you find yourself wheeling in GA, my crew would be glad to show you around!
  6. Western

    Hello from Homewood, AL!

    Greetings! I was hoping to see a Wilderness join OB very soon. First Subaru?
  7. Western

    US Southeast Skottles and Bottles

    I will be there! I’m usually one of if not the only Subaru there, so if you see me stop by and introduce yourself!
  8. Western

    N. GA Subaru OB members

    Hey all, As the title states, I am looking for Overland Bound members with Subarus in the North Georgia Area who are about the OB Life! I need more Subaru friends who are about trying the technical stuff but who also appreciate the camaraderie aspect! Please reply if you are a OB Subaru Owner...
  9. Western

    New Member From N. Georgia

    Welcome! How's it going? Fellow GA Member here!
  10. Western

    2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT Overland Build

    After finally receiving the missing hardware from my Prinsu Rack, it is scheduled to be installed next Thursday! (Finally!!! Also purchased some Bright Source Titanium series Ditch Lights, Bracket, and an Auxbeam Light Controller. Planning on adding a Baja Designs Light Pod Bar to the Prinsu...
  11. Western

    2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT Overland Build

    Update on the build: The only thing that has been done to the rig itself of late is that the coil overs were incorrectly built and installed by the original off road shop I chose. I took it to a Subaru specialist shop in Alpharetta and they were able to reassemble the coil overs and set them so...
  12. Western

    3 kid friendly Overland Rig

    Hey Folks. Big Subaru family here. Currently rocking a 2020 Outback XT and a 2021 Subaru Ascent(Subarus #6 and #7 for us) We will be doing some moderate overlanding in both, but we need to add something to the stable to take us to the next level! I have a 4 year old in a front facing car seat...
  13. Western

    10 Things Your Car Says About You

    I like how Subaru was completely left out
  14. Western

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Last: ROAM Adventure Co 83L Storage Box and Storage box organizers. Next: Rallytek 1” Body Lift Spacers to correct suspension Geometry Later: Portable Grilling, Gazelle T4 Tent
  15. Western

    Honda Pilot TLC Build for Trail & Overland Use

    Yeah I’m in to follow! Looking forward to future progress!