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  1. RGILL

    Share how it all started - Homage to the beginnings - Your story is welcome here!

    Well I grew up in the Jemez mountains so four wheeling was just part of everyday life. Summers were spent cutting firewood and camping, fall was hunting season. My first vehicle was a 1948 willys, I have never not had a four wheel drive of some kind. My brother and I would pack our bags a...
  2. RGILL

    Wheel spacers

    Hub centric is the key. The spacer mounts just like the wheel with the load on the hub not the wheel studs. Make sure all the matting surfaces are clean, flat and use lock-tite. I have used them but always a little nervous. I used spacers made by poison spyder customs but I think they only do...
  3. RGILL

    Land for Base Camp

    You may look into setting it up as a land trust. This way the property is owned by the trust and not an individual. Can also set some guidelines on how the land is to be used.
  4. RGILL

    Build vs. Buy - An Overland Trailer Debate

    My next trailer will be a home build. Time is also a issue for me so decided not to do my build until after I retire from my full time job. My projects always take longer then I estimate. I am a certified welder and aircraft mechanic so I want to use those skills and build a super lightweight...
  5. RGILL

    How to turned my jeep into a camper

    Looks like a good start. Check out the Kreg pocket hole jig for screwing parts together and use wood glue. This system is used for building cabinets etc. It will be super strong and last a long time.
  6. RGILL

    What do you use for weather forecast?

    Raise my finger in the air:tonguewink:
  7. RGILL


    My is a Kenwood industrial radio the The TK series. Can get these are used ebay for 30-50 bucks. They are used on school buses and other county vehicles. Never had and any issues and the face plate can be flipped so the speaker can face up or down. You will need to re-program the radio for...
  8. RGILL

    keeping propane bottles warm

    I have used hand warmer pads wrapped around the bottle using a stocking cap to hold them in place.
  9. RGILL


    I was going to get the Howell but ended up gettting the AFI kit. Very similar to the Howell and also based on the GM TBI. The pricing with a new distributor was hard to pass up. Once I get it installed I will let you know how it runs.
  10. RGILL


    So my build has stalled out due to the holidays but I wanted to let other Cruiser owners beware of doing business with Cruiser Corps. Absolutely the worst customer service experience I have ever had to deal with. Just plain dishonest nasty people. Wish I had seen other posts about this...
  11. RGILL

    SoCal Overlanders Roll Call :)

    Ventura saying hello.
  12. RGILL

    Your Go To Jack

    Hi-Lift. I also carry a nylon axle strap. Short strap with a D-ring on each end for strapping a vehicle to a trailer, but I use it to lift a wheel. I thread the strap thru the rim and tie the D-rings together now I can lift the wheel up to put rocks, logs, etc under the tire.
  13. RGILL

    To lift or not to lift….old suburban

    That series of Blazer is getting hard to find in decent shape. Always liked it but never had one. I did have a 1970 K-5, who could have guessed those would become so valuable. Mine was a 350 with a 4 speed.
  14. RGILL

    What is the Quintessential Camp Food?

    And everybody in the tent!
  15. RGILL

    Ventura saying hello

    Ventura saying hello.