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About me? Well just an old guy who loves to be outdoors. I guess I was overlanding before it had a name. My first vehicle was a 1948 willys jeep and since that day I have always owned a 4x4 vehicle for the sole purpose of getting on the road less traveled. Getting to the camp spot is half the fun. I have done some rock climbing but prefer just taking a road for the beauty and sense of adventure. My dream was to run the Pan American trail but as the route became politically volatile I never have. My love for the outdoors was passed to my daughters as well. Tent camping or no tent at all was how we liked to camp but now I find my teardrop trailer can be just as fun and easier on the old bones. I am an aircraft technician by trade and have always loved to tinker on mechanical things. My current project is a 1985 Toyota FJ60. It will be mostly stock with the focus being on reliability and drivability. It will get fuel injection, a 5 speed in place of the 4 speed, small lift, lockers and some body armor. Also trying to keep the overall weight under control, less stress on the moving parts. I grew up in Northern New Mexico and now find myself in Southern California. Went from the high altitude of the Rockies to the low land deserts, have a lot to learn in this new environment! So let the adventure begin.
Ventura, CA, USA
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West US
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1985 FJ60
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