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  1. reaver

    2003 Atomic Orange Nissan Xterra 4X4 Overland Build (Codename : Tigger) Picture Heavy

    They're up now, and I'm so jealous of the deal that was had.
  2. reaver

    Advice needed, family sized RTT

    This right here. The only RTTs I've seen that can accommodate 4 people comfortably are made by iKamper, overland vehicle systems, and tuff stuff. All of them are soft shell folding style, with the iKamper being a hybrid design with a rigid shell.
  3. reaver

    2003 Atomic Orange Nissan Xterra 4X4 Overland Build (Codename : Tigger) Picture Heavy

    That's the kit that I put on mine. I will say, it wasn't the best kit.....some of the pieces didn't fit perfectly (I think they didn't bend the outer part of the bumper enough, if I recall), but I've been happy with mine.
  4. reaver

    FOR SALE Boise, ID - Rack, Pax and RTT - Local Pickup

    I'm interested in the tent, but sure if it would work for my family of 3 (and my 5yo moves around a lot). I'll have to do some research on it.
  5. reaver

    US Northwest New Years Run

    I do have some brand new tires on the X I need to test out....
  6. reaver

    Jeep Heat Broke

    No experience with jeeps, but check to see if you have liquid on the floor. If so, chances are your heater core has gone out. Other than that, I've got no clue.
  7. reaver

    Reaver's 03 Xterra XE "Gamora" build thread

    Whelp, Gamora finally got some new shoes! She's now sitting on a set of Kenda Klever At2s in. 265/75r16 load E. If these tires are half as good as I hear they are, then I will be very happy. Also, I think I need to look into adjusting my rear shackles, as the back end is definitely...
  8. reaver

    Propane bracket

    Nice work! One question though.... Where do I send my money? :laughing:
  9. reaver

    Exploring the NVBDR with our Adventure Cat

    OK. Adventure cat is officially my new favorite internet cat. Looks like a great trip!
  10. reaver

    Fridge with single battery

    If you want a dual purpose battery (start/cycle), take a look at dual purpose rv batteries. Just pay attention to the cold cranking amps, and choose one that matches what your vehicle needs.
  11. reaver

    Fridge with single battery

    You can absolutely run a fridge off your starter battery. I know several folks that have done this for years without any issues. At a bare minimum though, you need to be able to keep an eye on the voltage, and you need a way to jump the vehicle if the battery gets too low. Get yourself a...
  12. reaver

    22 Frontier Pro 4X question

    I know there are racks that are specifically designed to work with tonneau covers, but I don't know about that one. Might be best to reach out to Yakima regarding fitment.
  13. reaver

    12v Basics

    Redarc, and renogy have really good ones. Victron is also really good, but I think each module is separate. I'm planning on running this in my trailer once it's built. This is what I have for my Xterra
  14. reaver

    12v Basics

    Well, you don't want debris blocking the vent fan, as it could overheat and burn up the electronics, but I would refer to the manual of whatever dc charger you buy. The advantage to dc chargers though, is that you can run a smaller fused line to the charger. I have a 20a dc charger. I'm going...