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  1. rdrjohn

    US West Overland Expo West from Norcal Area

    thanks for setting up, I will meet you guys in Barstow, driving from the South Bay Wednesday AM
  2. rdrjohn

    Overland Expo West 2021 From Sacramento / SF Bay Area

    that is what I am debating, whether to drive straight through (~ 12 hrs) or stop part way and finish the drive on Thursday, I plan on camping at the Expo so trying to see what time camping check in is
  3. rdrjohn

    US West Death Valley Trip March 19-22

    Planning to hit the SW corner of Death Valley March 19-22. Starting at Trona Pinnacles, hit Goler Wash/Barker Ranch/Mengal Pass/Russel Camp and maybe Warm Springs. Disperse camping and spending time exploring old mines, cabins, and camps in the area. If interested just work your way down to...
  4. rdrjohn

    Overland Expo West 2021 From Sacramento / SF Bay Area

    I am planning to go this year, I am in the South Bay and was planning to drive out starting Sept 22
  5. rdrjohn

    US West July 17-19th, 2020 Bodie Ghost Town and Copper Mountain—CA

    Any pictures of the Day 1 site? Looking to repeat this trip in September.
  6. rdrjohn

    US West Tri-Valley Meet Up at Hollister Hills CA OHV Park

    Where about within the park is the meet up?