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  • It is finally here! Time to head north to the North Maine Woods! I think I will be leaving after work on the 19th and will be returning to VA on the 28th.
    It will be July this week. Time to start thinking about my next annual trip to the North Maine Woods. I am planning on departing August 20th from here in Virginia and returning August 28th.
    Got rained out this weekend. Some areas here in VA got up to 5” of rain! Better luck next weekend I guess.
    Had another good weekend camping but the huge pile of fresh bear shit in my location made for a rather sleepless Friday night. Slept better Saturday night. All a question of drinking enough before bed.
    Had another great weekend exploring and camping in the national forest along the east side of Rt. 81 near Buena Vista area.
    Spent the weekend exploring the Monongahela National Forest in WV. Great time. Found a lot of good places to camp. However, spent so much time driving around Saturday that I ran out of daylight and with sunset and rain having begun decided to just spend the night at the Hampton Inn in Elkins.
    Spent Saturday putting some more miles on the truck. Explored around the Front Royal area and then headed back down to the Jefferson National Forest (Buchanan Exit on Rt 81) and explored that area. Just wondering why a large section of the Blue Ridge Parkway is still closed.
    Was going to head out today to do an overnight camp but the wind was still blowing pretty good so will try again tomorrow.
    Doesn’t look like many people are planning to make it to Catlett, VA tomorrow morning for a couple of hours of coffee and conversation, but I will be there all the same.
    Spent a little over twelve hours on the road today exploring. Left the house at 0500 and hit Bickle Knob and then Spruce Knob in West Virginia and finally Flag Pole Knob back (barely) in Virginia. At least I did not get stuck this time!
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    We did Flagpole Knob last weekend and then explored a bunch of forest service roads. Camped a few nights out there. It was amazing.
    Yes, camped there a couple of times also. Almost got blasted out by the wind both times.
    I did head over into West Virginia last week to do some exploring. Got stuck and spent well over an hour getting unstuck.
    Still not much to report on the overlanding front. Maybe tomorrow I will get out and hit the road and just drive around some remote parts of Virginia. Maybe head to Front Royal area or even down towards Harrisonburg. If I am really feeling adventurous maybe head over into WVA.
    The big question is what destination for the week of the 27th? Back up to the NMW in Maine or stay more local and explore Shenandoah and George Washington & Jefferson National Forest? Would love to hit Maine twice in one year but certainly a long drive. Decisions decisions decisions.
    Went and did a section of the TransAmerican Trail here in Virginia and West Virginia. Nothing really hard or technical. Most of it was hard paved roads but still a very scenic drive. I did find a great section of road (Rt. 55) right on the VA/WVA border that I will explore further.
    Looking more like a possible second trip to Maine and the North Maine Woods this year again in September. Looking like the week of Labor Day at this point. Will just have to see what shakes out.
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