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Paul Greczi


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  • Well getting there started to walk found out that all my other muscles are weak so good thing is it will build back again thank you for your support overlanders
    Well on Wednesday I am getting fitted for my prostitus hopefully by September I can get back to finishing my truck to get ready for July 2nd 2022 and head to Tuktoyuktuk it will be great to get back to the out doors
    Paul Greczi
    Paul Greczi
    Thank you Mike
    I was fitted yesterday and moulded for the prostitus. It will be about two weeks then I will be going to the rehab center for training then if go's will should have a permanent leg by Christmas I am determined to get out and see how far I am able to do things. Brother I am not giving up for sure. Because of great support like you
    God bless you
    Hey that’s awesome I love your Determination through this difficulty I’m sure it has been difficult !! but all we can do is the best we can and trust God for the rest have a great day !!
    It inspires me to see you going ahead !
    it’s so easy for me to Complain and be ungrateful when we all have so much to be thankful for . Mike
    Paul Greczi
    Paul Greczi
    Thank you for your kind words.
    I truly thank God for the strength and yes at times we do forget to see the beauty around us. I hope in the future we can meet and an adventure.
    Take care and bless you.
    Hello everyone it is truly a pleasure to be part of your family
    Just quickly I had an accident in February and lost my leg! Anyway
    I and planning to go to Tuktoyuktuk next May-June 2022 if anyone is interested in joining me on my adventure feel free to contact me.I would love to hear from you
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