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  1. Magic Mike

    Overland Hound

    Best travel hound ever
  2. Magic Mike

    Back In Auburn, California to refit on supplies and knock out some maintenance items on our rig...

    Back In Auburn, California to refit on supplies and knock out some maintenance items on our rig. On the road again on the 20th
  3. Magic Mike


    Hello and welcome to Overland Bound! Nice to see another Fulltime traveler joining OB! Myself & @kellyherring are your U.S. member representatives. If you have any questions feel free to contact me @Magic Mike, or you can contact our Regional Director @Narbob if the need arises. Make sure...
  4. Magic Mike

    Overlanding "Fulltime"???

    Starting our Fulltime Overland life with a band! Start our new life doing the Continental Divide.
  5. Magic Mike

    Overlanding "Fulltime"???

    Congratulations looking forward to seeing you out there. We start tomorrow. Here is our set up if you have any questions hit me up!!! Also give us a follow on IG @ironhorseoverland
  6. Magic Mike

    Overlanding "Fulltime"???

    Thank you my friend! We are leaving tomorrow, house is sold, everything that did get sold or pitched is in our storage and our new life is starting. It’s such a great feeling but also a little weird,. I’ve always had a “home” base but this time, home is where we setup our trailer! New...
  7. Magic Mike

    My 2015 Toyota 4Runner build

    Baby got some new shoes.... Toyo Open Country RT's / 315/70/R17's / Rig and Trailer
  8. Magic Mike

    Death Valley Days

    Just got back from a week in DV.... Great weather, great camping and great company. God I love Death Valley..
  9. Magic Mike

    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

  10. Magic Mike

    Overlanding "Fulltime"???

    Great setup Kelly, can't wait to see you out there...
  11. Magic Mike

    Overlanding "Fulltime"???

    We have several forms of comms; Ham Radio, Garmin EnReach, Weeboost cell extender and at some point we will be getting a SAT phone.
  12. Magic Mike

    Overlanding "Fulltime"???

    Thank you very much Jim. We were out in Death Valley this past week for a shake down and we've been on several other trips with it. Gotta say we will be very comfortable on our travels and this trailer will go almost anywhere our rig will.
  13. Magic Mike

    Overlanding "Fulltime"???

    Our full time set up... July can't come fast enough.
  14. Magic Mike

    Looking for advice on snatch block purchase

    This thing works great