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  1. hawk5000

    Wanted - Northwest & Parts of Southwest - Turtleback Expedition Trailer

    Hello all. My wife and I are in the market for a Turtleback Expedition. We live in the Northwest and we figured we would put the word out to anyone in the Northwest and parts of the Southwest who might be thinking about selling an Expedition to get in touch with us. The melamine kitchen option...
  2. hawk5000

    Steens Mountain Trip July 2021

    Thanks for the info. I am going to be out on the road for a bit so if anyone has any other suggestions of places to check out in eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana let me know
  3. hawk5000

    Steens Mountain Trip July 2021

    Hello all, I am going to be in the Steens Mountain area next week and I am looking for suggestions on places to check out, good places to camp, hot springs, and such. This will be an area I hit on a multi-state road trip.
  4. hawk5000

    2017 Tacoma

    Any more pics? Does it come with the roof top tent? What make/model is the tent?
  5. hawk5000


    I purchased my AC50s thru their site about 6 weeks ago. They had the best price at the time, after discount code $360. In one of the YouTube videos I watched, hobotech I was warned that they are slow with shipping but the cost savings was worth it to me. I got It in about 10 days. Love the...
  6. hawk5000

    Hello from Federal Way Washington

    New member here. I am from Federal Way WA. that's a little south of Seattle, a little north of Tacoma. I drive a 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLUR. Look forward to meeting others from the area.
  7. hawk5000

    Need a good axe!

    I know you said price is not an issue and I have always wanted a Gransfors felling axe but just can't seem to let myself spend $400 on an axe. I will say the Husqvarna forged 26" axe for $90 is a great axe. You will need to shorpen it a bit but does come with a decent edge. Edit: to be clear...
  8. hawk5000

    US Northwest Mule Expedition Outfitters Open House

    I hope to be there around 10AM also. Never been to their store so looking forword to it and checking out other rigs.
  9. hawk5000


    Thanks. Looks like a great resource.
  10. hawk5000


    Hello all. New to the forum. Big fan of Lifestyle Overland. I have a 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLUR. I have a lot of camping and car camping experience, a fair amount of offroading experience. I am located in the Northwest a little south of Seatte.
  11. hawk5000

    US Northwest Mule Expedition Outfitters Open House

    Pack up your overland vehicle and come join Mule Expedition Outfitters as we celebrate the opening of our new location in Preston, WA. If you didn't already know, we recently moved our Issaquah location just up the highway to Preston. The new location allows for a larger retail store, more...