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  1. genocache

    Great BUDGET Traction Boards - FieryRed 4x4

    I watched a video of sub $200 recovery boards last night and those were in there; No affiliation.
  2. genocache

    New Storage Solution (Prototype) and Lithium Dual Battery System - Thoughts?

    I have no experience with printed plastic and question it's strength. I do have some experience with zip ties and would suggest on the final product you use hose clamps, UV is a killer to zip ties. Otherwise nice design and execution!
  3. genocache

    CA Yearly Campfire Permit

    Thanks Kent! got it!.
  4. genocache

    Upgraded axe and shovel mount

    Sweet! Do you find any issue looking for side traffic? Like when wanting to change lanes. I just looked at the Plano website, the 52" AW2 case is sold out at $209, the 52" Rustrictor AW2 at $249 is available and if the same mold gives dimensions. Then I checked to see what Nanuk has to offer...
  5. genocache

    Need Help With Wiring My LED Light Pods

    Put it in some flexible tubing? You should only need 1 ground wire. You could put it all on a 7 wire trailer set up?
  6. genocache

    USA MAP with all National Parks?

    Have you tried the USGS?
  7. genocache

    Traction board mounts?

    I mounted mine on the side and they fold down for tables;
  8. genocache

    What does everyone use for water storage?

    Bjoem, thank you, Aahhh the advantage of the 5 door! I have a 3 door and would like to put a SS tank in my wheelwell right where yours are. Great idea on the solar shower, I'm going to start carrying mine in the spare on the hood.
  9. genocache

    What does everyone use for water storage?

    Bjoem, I'd like to see your water mounting set up, have any pictures? I am trying to figure out how to lash everything down and still keep the Rovers utility.
  10. genocache

    What does everyone use for water storage?

    I take 2 5 gal MWC's to the desert. I have modified 1 lid with a human powered pump, so I can swap lids when necessary. Here's how I did it.; Military Water Carrier, MWC, faucet Usually I don't fill the cans at home I wait until the nearest town before going offroad, Saves fuel transporting...
  11. genocache

    Happy New Year

    May 22 B good 4 U!
  12. genocache

    Warm gloves for fine motor tasks

    If you take a medium plastic pill bottle and fill it with hot water you can stick it in your pocket for warmth. Just hold it every so often. Hot water not boiling. At home I keep a couple full and microwave them for 30-50 seconds, then go outside and work on the car or........
  13. genocache


    I don't know the actual thicknesses, they seem comparable for stiffness and durability.
  14. genocache


    I have Pelican and Nanuk cases, Nanuk's are made in Canada, eh.? Similar sizes for both, Nanuk latches are different, very positive engagement and they are a little less costly. I picked up a couple of my Peli cases off Craigslist, older models yet still a lot of life left.