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Recent content by Diegoflores86

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  1. Diegoflores86

    Opening day at Anza / Ocotillo

    Is anyone headed out what is typically the last weekend of October (correct me if I'm wrong) to Anza or Ocotillo, what is considered opening weekend. I've never been and would like to know if there are groups, events, or trip meetups for this?
  2. Diegoflores86

    US West Rigged for Dirt - SD

    Are you guys there the whole time? Are you hanging out at that patio bar
  3. Diegoflores86

    US West San Diego Overland Bound Trail Runs

    Hi. New to overland bound. In San Diego, Lifted Ram sport on 35s (just started this new build ). Usually a a group of 3 rigs. is there a big bear meet? Can I connect with you guys from SD to always be in the loop?