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  • Took truck out for a test drive after being in the shop. Did both some trail cleanup, and a small campsite that had garbage/junk left for someone to run over on the dry lake at Jean Roach, NV
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    Desert Runner
    Desert Runner
    One thing i have been impressed with, is how oil leak free this 2003 LB7 engine has been. Dust in engine bay YES, but no oil leaks, The one time I had one, it turned out to be a loosining filter. So thank to stars on that. And not living in the rust belt, as the body and paint are still great. One of the benefits of desert life, even with the summer heat.
    This coming week here is going to be extremly HOT. They say at least 3 to 5 days of new recoreds being generated. 113-115 temps on a couple of days. Even the surrounding mountains have heat advisories in place.
    2 trophy upgrades in the last 2 weeks. :grinning: I have been stymied from accomplishing more due to personal/medical and Covid 19 issues. I would like to get out on a clean-up/campsite sweep this year, we will see. Vegas has a couple of big events around the outskirts which fill those big 30 & 40 cubic foot size garbage trash truck containers:hearteyes:
    There are many places around the valley that could use help. I wonder how many people would be interested in helping out
    The last few days have seen me casually begun my studies for the HAM tech test. I should have done it years ago. Old test vs new 2019 version.
    I have now joined the OB members with GRMS license's. Will keep my Uniden XL520 pro CB in the truck. Goal is to have multiple comm systems.

    PS EDIT: Bought the Midland 275 GMRS unit to go with the license. Really nice mic, and it seems real popular with many.
    Logged on and got a pleasant surprise. Level 8 and Rank VI. Thank you. It is not always clear what qualify's for upgrade status. I realize that the moderators have a say , on when or if, and that is fine. Would like to know the trophy image under my avatar. Is it temp, and will it go away after a certain time? I expect it will.
    Still on the hunt for that elusive member II meetup. Had foot surgery, so no driving at this time. Depending on others for transportation. Still hope to see someone by chance. It's only a matter of time. Hope to be mobile again in the fall:grinning:
    Today marks my 300th post, on Overland Bound. The civilized comments seen here are so refreshing. A great community forum.
    Working both sides of the Holiday. So it's errand day today. Will be looking for that CHANCE ENCOUNTER in my travels today.
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