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  • Back safe from a nice weekend in Big Bear
    No issues what's so ever, nothing but relaxation, overlanding and enjoying the cool weather in the local mountains.
    Leaving Friday after work for some Big Bear wheeling and returning Sunday.

    Friday night Lights, yep we will be doing some night crawling (light check). Setting up camp around 12 or 1 am.
    Sleeping in Saturday and relaxing in the cooler weather, maybe a hike.
    Sunday, hitting the trails.

    Maybe we'll see some of you up there.
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    Brash Kinderlan
    Brash Kinderlan
    Dave, I'm new to OB and am considering heading up toward Big Bear as well. Any recommendations or "must do's" while I'm there?
    BKD Dave
    BKD Dave
    Sorry Brash,
    Didn't see your message until now.
    Probably will not do Big Bear again until next month. Search the forums, I believe there is a group leaving for Big Bear around the 26th.
    Brash Kinderlan
    Brash Kinderlan
    No worries. I'll check it out!
    I am really bummed tonight, just found out (through OB) that overland west has been cancelled for this year. It would have been nice to be notified by overland expo themselves, but I guess we are all busy.
    Guess it’s time to find somewhere else to go with the time off.
    Where are you going ?
    They sent emails to everyone signed up. I had signed up to volunteer for 1-2 days and got an email for volunteers and one to anyone who signed up for updates.
    BKD Dave
    BKD Dave
    Thank you for your input, but your word "everyone" would have or should have included me and since I did not receive (as of yet), it looks like you may not have all the information you need to make a comment like this. Thank you for your all your volunteering efforts.
    BKD Dave
    BKD Dave
    Not sure why you responded the way you did, unless your response was an attack on me. I'm hoping it wasn't, because that would not be helpful in any way. Is this FB?
    Playing with the new App OB1.
    This is pretty cool, no it’s way cool.
    Everyone that is involved in this app! GREAT JOB !!!
    Back home from a wonderful weekend relaxing next to Santa Ana River up in Big Bear, CA
    Loading up for the weekend as we speak, heading out to Lytle Creek, CA. But before I hit dirt, I must stop off at Rosa's Maria's for a burrito (tonight's din din). Maybe I'll see someone from here up there. Should be a nice spring weekend. Enjoy and be safe.
    This past weekend, I visited Big Bear CA via rattlesnake Canyon trail to Burns Canyon. Really enjoyed this trail, very tight in some places, but then again using an f350, most places are tight.
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