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  1. adventure_is_necessary


    Thanks Kent! Welcome @Rokm2021
  2. adventure_is_necessary

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Oil change, 5 tire rotate, added some blind spot mirrors to the side view mirrors on the 100 series. Tomorrow I'll be replacing a leaky pinion seal on my JKUR.
  3. adventure_is_necessary

    Trails to hit while at Expo West

    Heading out tomorrow at zero dark:30 from KCMO in hopes to make it just outside of Albuquerque before I need to crash in one of the NF's. I have some suggestions for trails near Flagstaff to hit but wanted to open up for more suggestions. If anyone is planning on going and will let me tag along...
  4. adventure_is_necessary

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

    Guess that's the side effect of being there in the capacity we were in ‍♂️
  5. adventure_is_necessary

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

    Been a few months without an update. I plan on doing a walk around video since trying to keep up with everything is difficult. From where I left off, a lot of things have changed. Since losing my job at the end of 2020, I got a new one and moved, bought a house, and have been settling in. The ol...
  6. adventure_is_necessary

    Square hitch basket

    I made mine a few years ago. I was not impressed with what was available. All seemed to either be too flimsy, not handle enough weight, and seemed to kill any departure angle. I had a few afternoons spent between the design and build process. Mine is stout, sits either tight up near the bumper...
  7. adventure_is_necessary

    Big Tuna Presents: Pegasus Rising

    Before I sold my WJ, I was having the same symptoms you mention of the rear end slop. Ball joint was toast and the bushings on the A arm we're dry rotted and barely doing anything. Unfortunately I could not salvage the original A arm and replace the bushings like I originally planned and bought...
  8. adventure_is_necessary


    @HeartofAmerica hey I am up in the KCK area. We will have to get together soon!
  9. adventure_is_necessary

    OB Members Kansas

    Our regional director has an Avalanche as his rig and he does just fine with it!
  10. adventure_is_necessary

    OB Members Kansas

    Welcome! Your rig is a great platform given the size, support, and ability to share parts across the same/similar frame platform as the Tahoe and Silverado
  11. adventure_is_necessary

    Recommend emergency repair in Bishop, CA?

    Not sure if there are any hardware stores or auto parts stores near by, but I'd see if you can find something that would fit and hold until you can get the proper hardware if it's not available.
  12. adventure_is_necessary


    Love this rig! Nice find! Looking forward to seeing it's progression.
  13. adventure_is_necessary

    Our, And Your, Opinions On Some Popular Overlanding Gear

    I've always had this mentality when it comes to just about everything I own. If you feel like you need it, list out the reasons why you need it and why you don't need it. If the reasons why outweigh the reasons why not, then it's fairly justifiable for purchase. But the next question is, are you...
  14. adventure_is_necessary


    @Rctonnie hey I'm up in Bonner Springs, not far from you. I have a 100 Series Land Cruiser and a 2013 Jeep JKUR. We should get together sometime