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  1. Steve Nelson
    Steve Nelson
    Made it to fort Bragg there was a shit ton of snow coming down on 101 just before we hit willits
  2. BLynch415
    BLynch415 Michael
    Hey curious what shop ran the wires to the back of your rig in the ‘Power in the Back’ video? I’m local and looking to have something similar done.
  3. JPRatJ
    -2012 Tacoma TRD Baja
  4. Luis Merlo
    Luis Merlo Wbynot
  5. stocksj
    Just completed a 30 month service on my 2016 Crosstrek, I think I'm ready to do a few upgrades like wheels and tires.
  6. TRDtraveler
    TRDtraveler Michael
    Thanks for the intro message! im trying to add the membership to purchase and its not letting me. Can you PM with further help please and thanks.
  7. TacoJake
    I'm new here
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  8. Rblessed
    Let’s Go!!!!
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  9. chrifri10202010
    New to the group and looking forward to seeing outdoors with my family
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  10. Overland Anatolia
  11. Erik Petersen
    Erik Petersen Michael

    Thank you for the introduction. My friend and I bought memberships at the same time but are having problems activating it. Not sure if this is the right place as I’m not technologically smart haha
  12. Erik Petersen
    Erik Petersen
    Hello all! I’m not huge on forums or staying active. So forgive me for that. Excited to be a part of the community! :)
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  13. sully3
    sully3 Michael
    Michael, have a question hope its not to dumb. my wife and I are looking to buy the new sweatshirt and wanting to know if its ok that we add some to them (we know someone that will add to them if its ok with you all) we are looking to add the logo on the back bigger and OB# down a sleeve. it will be in the same yellow color and will stick to the same as the logo. Thanks Jeff OB#5142
  14. Desert Runner
    Desert Runner
    Today marks my 300th post, on Overland Bound. The civilized comments seen here are so refreshing. A great community forum.
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  15. Sven
    Sven Polaris Overland
    Hi Dave, are there any upcomming Events for a West Europe Region meeting?
    1. Polaris Overland
      Polaris Overland
      Currently a few members are looking at putting something together but nothing set in stone yet. There is talk of a North Coast 500 later in the year that I am planning and there is a few members going to be at the Spring Adventure Overland Show at the end of April.
      If I can help with anything let me know and keep an eye on Rally Point and the forums for any meetings being arranged.
      Feb 13, 2019 at 12:18 PM
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  16. Valentin Schneider
    Valentin Schneider
    currently on the way to Vancouver BC.
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  17. OBCruiser16826
    OBCruiser16826 Michael
    Looking forward to meet all close and far away Overland Bound members! Glad to be part of this community!
  18. Robert Reed
    Robert Reed Michael
    Looking forward to the adventures. Thanks
  19. njedgexj
    njedgexj Bucksoverland
    Let me know I can PayPal you the camping fees or give them to you at ok4wd. Thanks Scott
  20. Medic510
    I’m laid back until I’m not